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New Product Announcement

Mobile Scanning Systems has recently started the development of a new software solution called eMATS aimed at providing businesses with the ability to track and manage their company assets online. Secondly, the solution will also make use of barcode technology and PDT’s (Portable Data Terminals) to allow asset managers to perform regular audits on their company assets. The solution will primarily be developed in ASP.NET (Microsoft’s latest web-development innovation) to provide users with a powerful web interface for querying and manipulating asset related data while making use of SQL Server 2000 as the data provider to address even the largest database needs.

The primary features and benefits that eMATS will provide are:

  1. Full online register of Company Assets.
  2. Tracking & Tracing of Company Assets on a global scale
    (i.e. By Country / Province or State / Area / Building / Room etc.)
  3. Full Assets Tracking History
    (i.e. Purchase History / Stores Issue / Last Audited / Repairs / Current Location etc.)
  4. Depreciation of Assets Values.
  5. Auditing of Assets by Location or by Employee.
  6. Asset management in terms of status monitoring.
    (For e.g. Keeping track of Assets Statuses such as:
    In Use / In For Repair / Available / Damaged / On Loan / Missing / Stolen / etc.)
  7. Integration of PDT’s (Portable Data Terminals) and Barcode technology will enable asset audits to be faster, more efficient and accurate.
  8. A host of asset related reports will also be available.

Development of eMATS should be completed in June 2004 so watch this space for more details.


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