About Us


Mobile Scanning Systems is a dynamic company focused on the delivery and integration of turnkey solutions. We have developed solutions for a wide range of markets. With a number of exclusive distribution agencies, Mobile Scanning Systems has been able to address the needs of the retail, leisure, logistics and the data collection markets.

With over 25 years cumulative experience in the barcode and portable data environments we are able to remain on the forefront of developments in the market. Mobile Scanning Systems has forged strong partnerships with some South African and international leading IT vendors and distributors.

  1. CipherLab Technologies (international)

  2. ScanMate (international)

  3. IQ Software

  4. PennyScanner (international)

  5. Pinicle Micro

  6. PC Pos

  7. Spec Lables

  8. Scantec

  9. Symbol

  10. DataLogic

These partnerships give us the ability to provide a solution to almost every business in Africa

Mobile Scanning plans to have national representation by July 2002

Our Business Environment

Mobile Scanning systems is one of the leading suppliers of Information Technology and portable data solutions to the market place. The solutions and products we supply meet and often exceed the expectations of our relevant market segments.

Mobile Scanning Systems has defined specific markets and has maintained its focus through our unique management approach. Our main focus is the provision of total solutions in each of our identified markets. We optimize our clients effectiveness with our lightly developed yet very affordable solutions. This greater efficiency allows our clients to maximize their focus on their core business.

As part of our total solution provision vision we have managed to secure unique financing options for our clients, including off balance sheet operating and full maintenance rentals.

Mobile Scanning has focused its marketing in such a way that multiple products can form part of a single market solution . A good cross pollination of products adds diversity and functionality to our clients solutions.

As part of the vision for our company we have identified that after sales "support" is the most important area, where IT company's let their clients down. We have therefore set out to redefine the frontiers of "support" through our innovative and flexible support agreements and mechanisms.

We provide 24 hour, 7 days a week support to our clients with who we have service level agreements in place. Our support services range from simple telephone support to 36 months on site full maintenance warrantees.


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